My results are in and I passed Printmaking 1 with a good grade. A full list of works included for Assessment can be seen here.

I’ve moved on to DRAWING 2 & my log can be found here.


Now embarking on the 3rd course on my journey toward a BA Creative Arts Degree, I have studied Drawing and Painting with the OCA. Printmaking is my final Level 1 (HE4) course. Previous course work can be seen here.

I’ve always enjoyed the Fine Arts but its become a fascination which continues to develop over time. I feel a deep sense of satisfaction when I look at art of any kind, whether by a master or a contemporary student, it holds a deep interest  in a world where art, whether in traditional concepts or more modern concepts such as installation, sculpture or movie, only becomes increasingly relevant, bombarded constantly as we are by images.

I aspire to learn and develop an ability to express that which I cannot put into words. Those feelings, emotions and life’s tribulations, the day to day exploits that make a life.


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  1. Shirley Mullins

    Hi, I have just joined up with Twitter and your name appeared; so nice to read about your interest in fine art and to see the picture of the ‘printing press’
    love Mum


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